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SW-Legion End of the year 2022

27. November 2022 um 11:00 - 18:00

Legion Skirmish tournament
500p, 3 Games, each 5 round

Maps for the Setup can be found here:

Game 1 Not so “natural resources”
Setup: Place 5 Gas Vent objective tokens as shown in the deployment diagram.
Victory: During the End Phase, starting at the end of the second round, each player gains 1 Victory token for each Gas Vent objective token they control.
A Player controls an objective token if a friendly unit leader is in base contact with the token and no enemy unit leaders are in base contact with that token. The game ends after 5 rounds.
Disallowed Keywords: The Keywords Bounty, Infiltrate and Secret Mission cannot be used.
Obscuring Gas: Trooper units that have a unit leader at Range 1 of a gas Vent objective token improve their cover by 1.

Game 2 VIP Exchange
Setup: Each player chooses one (1) core unit that they control. Then, starting with the blue player, each player places their opponent’s chosen unit on , or as near as possible to, the center of the battlefield and performs a speed-1 move with that unit. Then, each player places a claimed objective token in base contact with the unit leader of their chosen unit and equips a VIP upgrade card to that unit.
During round 1, units cannot use the Detonate keyword.
All trooper units gain: [Action:Claim]. When a unit claims an objective token, it equips a VIP upgrade card.
Victory: At the end of the game, each player gains 2 victory tokens for each objective token that is claimed by a unit they control. Then, each player gains 1 victory token for each objective token that is within their deployment zone and claimed by a unit they control. The game ends after 5 rounds.
Soft Breakthrough: Each player gains 1 victory token if they have one or more unit leaders within an enemy deployment zone.
First Blood: the player that defeats first an enemy unit gains one (1) victory token. This victory token can only be claimed by one player, once per game.

Game 3 Endgame
Dawn: During the first round, units cannot perform ranged attacks beyond range 2.
Victory: At the end of the game, each player gains one (1) victory token for each defeated enemy unit, and 1 additional victory token for each defeated enemy commander, operative & heavy unit. The game ends after 5 rounds.

all players know the rules that can be found here:

11:00 Arrive, gather troops
11:05 13:00 Game 1, not so natural resources
13:45 15:40 Game 2, VIP Exchange
15:55 17:40 Game 3, Endgame
17:50 18:00 Prize ceremony

If we reach 8 Players or more:
1st 50.- Store Coupon
2nd 35.- Store Coupon
3rd 20.- Store Coupon

+ Tokens and Card

one (1) drink is included in the entry fee.

1. Establish Battlefield and Gather Components: Already done
2. Declare Terrain: It is important to determine what the terrain effects will be before the game begins. Players should briefly discuss each piece of terrain that is available for the battle and come to a consensus on its cover type and other characteristics.
3. Place Terrain: Already done
4. Select Player Color and Sides: The player whose army has the lowest point total chooses to be either the red player or the blue player. Then, the blue player chooses one of the four table edges and sets their army near that edge. If both players’ armies have the same point total, roll a die or flip a coin to determine which player chooses to be red or blue.
5. Reveal Skirmish Battle Cards: Already done
6. Define Battlefield: Already done
7. Resolve the Objective and Condition Cards: Resolve any setup instructions on the objective card; then resolve any setup instructions on the condition card.
8. Deploy Units: as usual. Blue player starts.
9. Prepare Supply: as usual

-> Declare Terrain->Select Player Color and Sides-> Resolve the Objective and Condition Cards->Deploy Units-> Start the game!


27. November 2022
11:00 - 18:00


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